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Our Stories

Our journey began in 1982 in Portugal in the cosmetics business.
After several research and laboratory studies, in partnership with the University of Padua, we have developed a wide range of face and body care products.
The choice of Italy, as a motto for the development of Naturely's, is due to the fact that the natural origins of the products are collected, clinically tested, focusing on the reduction of chemical products and focusing on Nature, in order to guarantee that your skin absorbs what the best this planet has.
All our products are free of preservatives, silicone and propylene.
None of our products have been tested on animals.
We see Nature as an inspiring panel so that we can create and bring you quality products of world reference.


* true natural * Naturelys Cosmetics

Since 1982

Our Mission

Nature Loves Your Skin

We are inspired by Nature. We prefer ingredients of natural origin that are respectful for your skin and for the environment.

Nature´s beauty and simplicity, balance the unique and authenticity of the active ingredients that are selected.

For over YY years, Naturely´s has been revealing the virtues and benefits of the natural products on all skin types, especially dark skin.

Our mission is to give your skin a personalized treatment while respecting its essence and keeping it healthy and youthful, preventing the signs of aging.

Afro Line

exclusive line for African beauty and skin care!

Beauty with Purpose

We are committed to continuing together to make beauty more accessible to everyone. On all occasions, anywhere in the world.
Of the different lines present in our brand, the Afro Line was developed with dark-skinned people in mind, effectively being an exclusive range for a target audience typically referred to as “black skin”.
Our commitment is to keep improving, choosing the best products for you and delivering them in a way that makes your shopping experience unique and powerful.

* true natural * Naturelys Cosmestics

Since 1982

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